Pineapple barfi with coconut crunch

Pineapple coconut crunch barfi

Ingredients for crunch

Finely chopped almonds 100g
Sugar 50g
Glucose 50g

Green food color 1 pinch
Vanilla powder 1pinch
Ghee 1tbsp
For the coconut pineapple filling
Coconut 250g
Glucose 250g
Yellow food color 1 pinch
Ghee 125g
Pineapples 1 tin
Sugar 50g
Pineapple essence a few drops
For garnishing
Barfi 1/2kg
Pineapple essence a few drops


To prepare the crunch ina saucepan mix together 50g sugar along with 20g water and 50 g glucose
Heat until the sugar and glucose dissolve.
Now add a pinch of vanilla powder, 100g finely chopped almonds and ghee. Cook for another few minutes and tune the flame off
Spread the mixture on top of each barfi. To prepare the filling in a sauce pan combine together 50 g sugar, the juice of 1 pineapple tin,250 g glucose,125 g ghee,1 pinch yellow food color, a few drops of pineapple essence and a few sliced pineapples.
When the mixture begins to thicken add 250g of khoya. Cook for a few minutes and spread a layer on the barfi, on top of the crunch. Decorate with pine apple slices and serve